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EMPOWERING YOUR HEART through Energy Psychotherapy, “Next Generation” EFT, “Positive EFT”, Systemic Constellations, NLP and Spirituality from Elevated Therapy International serving London, Nottingham, Grantham, Newark, Sleaford, Melton Mowbray, Lincoln, Derby, Leicester, Stamford and Peterborough

Heart Healing in London

* Applying The Wisdom of Your Heart Through Commitment, Focus, Relinquishing Control, Giving up the Pain, Developing The Consciousness of Appreciation, Forgiveness Through Liberation, Retrieving Your Spirit Back From Your Past, Knowing that which you Don`t Know that you Know,
Thinking Love and Inviting Change Into Your Life. *


Heart Healing Grantham


Would you like help and input and guidance in nurturing the most critical relationships in your life?
Are you looking to reconnect with love?
Are you meeting your emotional needs? Are others?
Do you have resistance to giving up the pain?
Are you struggling with forgiving?

Unleash the most powerful energy you have which is love in order to change your life!

Putting everything together !!

Heart Healing



Dr. Millett`s cutting edge work for Heart Healing and Empowering Your Heart is about combining Inner Child EFT to reclaim and champion your Inner Child.

Family Constellations (systemic), to reveal hidden and often damaging family dynamics on a behavioural, cognitive, energetic, spiritual, and neurological or chemical level. There are emotional or energetic dysfunctions passed on from one’s ancestors which can affect a person in many ways.

Together with NLP Time Lines to create your future, blended with Positive EFT to help make you happier, healthier and more productive.

All to heal emotional traumas and eradicate unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviours, and transform your life to achieve Heart Healing.

Heart Healing Newark




The fourth chakra is the centre of the human energy system and it`s highest aspect is `Balance`.
It`s purpose is emotional empowerment. This love centre of our human energy system is the focus in bringing about a healing of the heart.
Thus, the words “Love Heals All” has great truth. The “wounded child” resides in the heart chakra.
Everything in and about our lives runs off the energy and fuel of our hearts.




Heart Healing with Michael in London, Nottingham, Lincoln, Peterborough, Newark, Leicester, Derby and Grantham (throughout the East Midlands) and via Skype engages the higher state of consciousness and ancestral level offering a fused and truly dynamic tool that will dramatically add to therapeutic and spiritual effectiveness in eliminating negative emotions.
Initially Healing is achieved by using the body’s energy system to intervene in the structure of the thought field containing the problem and/or block(s) after asking certain questions and eliciting a certain focus.
Disturbances in the thought field and at the higher consciousness level contain active information which trigger and form a sequence of activities chemically, neurologically, cognitively, and spiritually which result in the experience of negative emotions such as emotional memories around relationships, controlling people and situations through your emotional wounds, not wanting to give up the pain, co-dependency, isolation, victimisation, trauma, fear, anxiety, exclusion and saying you no longer need an intimate relationship, and have difficulty in forgiving yourself and others.

For clients, the sequenced 1.5 hour sessions (£75) or 2 hour sessions (£99) begins with knowing and identifying your wounds and culminating in thinking love and inviting change into your life. This will help you move beyond your emotional pain and make peace with the self-healing aspects of your life with which you struggle.
We must also understand the deep interconnectedness of all things and everything is ENERGY.
When we understand this, we realise that in the end, we only hurt ourselves when we don`t live life in a way that nourishes and sustains the whole system.

Heart Healing Derby

With Dr. Michael G Millett in Grantham, you will achieve the emotional freedom you seek.
This work and approach designed and fused by Michael is to help you make peace first in your own heart, and then in the relationships of your past, present, and future as well as addressing unconscious family entanglements.
Events such as premature death of a parent or sibling, the isolation or exclusion of a family member, or victimisation of others by a family member through the generations can all lead to difficulties which shape one’s life and relationships in ways one may not even realise!


Severe consequences, such as feelings of isolation, lack of forgiveness, depression, mental and physical illness, accidents, and even suicidal thoughts, can result and have serious ramifications when such complexities are left unresolved.

It is suggested to have a week to 10 days or two weeks in between each session and the amount of sessions will vary from person to person as we are all individuals with varied history, dynamics and multiplicities.

Heart Healing LincolnTelephone to make an appointment in Grantham, serving London, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Lincoln, Stamford, Newark, Spalding, Sleaford and Peterborough or send Michael an email.

For those out of the East Midlands area or the UK, Michael can also accommodate people at “Tipperary House” itself with a private boutique style B&B arrangement. Details HERE.
Or he can recommend some nice local Guest Houses or Hotels nearby.

Empowering Your Heart

For International and Irish, USA, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand clients, this work can be adapted and implemented over the telephone too through the specific “Elevated Therapy” regular telephone lines in these countries or via Skype.
Please see this service HERE

Heart Healing with EFT

professional eft training course
Dr. Millett is doing training days arranged by appointment, either on a 1+1 or small group basis to
learn his cutting-edge method for other therapists and practitioners.
It is a one day training with Dr. Millett held in Grantham for existing practitioners from many eligible disciplines with current practice insurance and costs £360.
Certification for this one day course will be given by Dr. Millett himself and Elevated Therapy International.
For those professionals keen in doing this training, please drop Dr. Millett an email or give him a call for more details.

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Heart Healing with EFT

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