Elevated Therapy ® is raising the hashtags #gombeen #gombeenAlert or the word gombeen for the next week over the UK election period in June 2017 as a possible / probable RED ALERT as in flagging it, or highlighting / identifying it for your much deeper scrutiny, criticism, questions, and extra discernment (Highest Level) to some IMPORTANT posts, and links to articles, and media, and their content for a broad audience to do with these elections, and the EU as well of course, and other things – with posts carrying the tag across the internet.
It does not discriminate as in agreeing with or disagreeing with the information or favour, nor alternatively disapprove of any political party nor national sovereignty versus globalism nor republican against democrat etc.
It is the “AWARENESS PEOPLE’S TAG” by raising our consciousness for important information to be considered, and not just accepted !
This raises it for deeper scrutiny rather than just accepting as true from whatever media, or source.
It will shift our consciousness higher which of course is of benefit to ALL, and WILL create positive change !
Lots of people should be using these tags now as Gombeens, deception, and `spin` are massive problems all over the world.
Gombeen is a great, and clever word indeed (no outright English equivalent), and should be used much more than it is in public life today !
Perhaps it will now 🙂
It might even go viral, and remember folks you heard it first here at Elevated Therapy ! LOL.

It is an Anglo-Irish term used in Ireland a lot for a shady, trickster-type, small-time “wheeler-dealer”, greedy, parasitic, strong narcissistic traits, over male dominated religious energy within that realm, manipulative businessman, politician et al who is always looking to make a #gombeenquick profit, or get what he / she wants personally often at someone else’s expense or through the possible acceptance of bribes in some particular cases.
I think you might get the energy I am describing ?? !
It also refers to someone who acts the eejit, is probably lying, and it is obvious to most other people that they are – an eejit, and thankfully they have been sussed (eejit in Irish is an idiot or dolt) !
Gombeen’s origin is the Irish word “gaimbín”, meaning monetary interest / and power !
Not nice, and not kind 🙂

You know what I am talking about !!

Please feel free to use it appropriately, and responsibly, and with absolute positive intention (this is what makes it powerful) for important posts for raising awareness for the affirmative, and honorable empowerment of yourself, and others by not accepting what you are hearing on face value alone with the tag alllied by asking much deeper questions in questioning more when you see the tag. I hope everyone gets to know it as a beacon, and it goes viral, and  “trends” and attracts more individual users to raised awareness, and discussion.
This often, gets one closer to the truth, and may even raise the standard of journalism too, and promote more honesty, and truth, and transparency in discussion. 🙂
In other words, #gombeen or #gombeenAlert is a marker for your attention, and asks you to switch your radar on BIG TIME, to the high possibility of Gombeens At Large, and clever forms of `spin`, manipulation, deception, and propaganda through raising your discernment to the highest level to what is being said with IMPORTANT News, and media content, and other stuff for a broad readership. You need to decide if it is true or false, and if you support what is being said.
It does NOT tell you how to think, just think deeper ! You are then in control of your truth !
It is about taking, and sharing responsibility, and subsequently you might say to yourself (affirm) in your mind having decided your truth `don’t take me for an eejit, as I have worked it out, and you’d be foolish to do so` to the perpetrators in the story if true as agreeing, or supporting the content or subject of the story, or directed to who benefits from what is being said if false, and you don’t believe it !
The truth is – there are probably Gombeens here somewhere / or highly likely to be in some form YOU just need to find them by thinking deeper, and decide for yourself !! 🙂
It asks people to take note of what is being said: RED ALERT – exam it, sometimes take it on board if it `feels` true for you, or look deeper, and dismiss it to raise your awareness of all the `spin`, and Gombeens that are around. This will help us talk about it, and stop all the brainwashing, and garbage we are just fed unconsciously, and so often believe, and are damaged by without filter, and scrutiny of the information through lazy reading or because of our vulnerable beliefs.

Advanced Users of the tags are categorizing more by using #gombeenAlert to say: In my view this story, media item has Gombeens At Large, and / or clever forms of `spin`, deception, and propaganda attached to it. I haven’t quite made my mind up yet of the details. Take a look and decide for yourself.
Then the tag #gombeen says: This story, media item in my view has Gombeens At Large, and clever forms of `spin`, deception, and propaganda attached to it.
I have made my mind up and found my truth ! But take a look and decide for yourself.

Who knows in the fullness of time – it might become a “signpost”, to see past the window-dressing, and bring more badly needed discernment, ethics, and truth into politics / media, and public life, and information – for discussion for all our sakes. This could lead to the evolvement from the old trappings of the dangerous “negative ego” which is rooted in “lack” or lackful-ness which is a life of pure drudgery and deadness ! 🙁
STOP & THINK for a better world ! ~ STAD AGUS SMAOINIGH do dhomhan níos fearr !

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