Gastric band hypnotherapy in Nottingham comes of age

Gastric band hypnotherapy in Nottingham comes of age

Gastric Band Hypnosis Nottingham – Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Nottingham

Hypnotic Gastric Band Nottingham

Gastric Band Hypnosis Nottingham – Perhaps you’ve been wondering about the rewards of undergoing gastric band surgery in Nottingham to help with your weight loss attempts, but you either can’t finance it, or don’t like the idea of putting yourself through surgery?
If those factors aren’t a worry for you, maybe you’ve been thinking of looking into it as a means to fix your difficulties?

Read this article prior to making your mind up about this. And if you thought that dramatic weight loss results were out of your financial reach, this article is also for you.


Below we’ll explain how the non-surgical approach, a hypnotic gastric band in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, can be a safer and more cost efficient option.


How Gastric Band Medical Procedures Can be Hazardous for Your Wellbeing

There is always some level of risk from any surgical procedure. A variety of complications can happen, either while having or subsequent to the surgery. Installing a medical gastric band has been related to side effects such as abdominal pain and sickness, resulting in the band being extracted. Removing the surgical band requires another invasive procedure, and since the surgery did not overcome the underlying reasons for the person’s eating problems, the patient in many cases ends up putting weight they had lost back on again.


A Good and Cost Effective Option

gastric band hypnotherapy in NottinghamBeing around £7000, gastric band surgery is an extravagant and unreliable choice for those wanting long-term weight loss results. Yet, gastric band hypnotherapy for Nottingham with Dr. Jacqueline Preston in Grantham is completely free from harm and far less costly than its expensive surgical equivalent. A hypnosis gastric band in Nottingham is placed by the Jacqueline deep in the subconscious, bypassing the necessity to alter the actual stomach.

After she eases you into a relaxed state, she can then guide you through an imaginary surgical process, using the power of suggestion to convince the subconscious that a real gastric band has been fitted. The result is that the person could begin to feel fuller much quicker after consuming, in a similar way they would after gastric band surgery.

A hypnotic approach with Jacqueline’s experience also allows her to get to the primary reason for the client’s weight difficulties. This means that the client can hope to encounter the real weight reduction results they have been dreaming about; in a more efficient way than surgery by itself could offer.


Maintaining Weight reduction Results

Hypnotic Gastric Band in GranthamA hypnotherapy gastric band Nottingham provides long term weight control without any risks. It is not only safer to ‘fit’, which makes it a better long term choice as it won’t require any reversal surgical treatment at a later stage, but it is also much easier to adjust to suit your changing needs as time goes on.

As you start to get used to the effects of your band, you may want to decrease or increase your weight loss pace. Unlike the traditional gastric band, that is expensive and risky to regulate, the hypnotic gastric band Nottingham needs only another consultation with Dr. Jacqueline Preston.
As a professional expert hypnotherapist, she can assess your changing weight reduction needs and make adjustments to the band accordingly.

The hypnotic solution keeps you in full control over your weight reduction in Nottingham, unlike the surgical option.

Virtual Gastric Band in Nottingham

Dr. Jacqueline Preston is an experienced hypnotherapist with specialist training and experience in Weight Loss, and you can visit her and her work by making an appointment for Gastric Band Hypnotherapy in Grantham’s Town Centre.

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Gastric Band Hypnosis Nottingham

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