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essential oils lincoln, nottingham, grantham, newark, stamford, peterborough, leicester, derby, Essential oils are the subtle, volatile liquids that are distilled from plants, shrubs, flowers, trees, bushes and seeds.
An ancient process, oil distillation is a delicate and precise art that has been almost forgotten. Science is just now re-discovering the incredible healing power of essential oils, which are the life blood of the plant kingdom, and so beginning to acknowledge their true value.

The following chart below tells you to which planetary energy and element each oil ‘resonates’ with.
It also indicates the personal issue(s) each oil is traditionally used for, and which are the best days for use.

Remember that these are traditional uses within healing and `magick`.
If you have an insight or sense that causes you to use an oil differently, do it.
The best advice I would give is to study a bit to know the makeup of the oils before you veer off the recommended path.

Oil Planet Element Use Best Days
Allspice Mars Fire Attracting money or luck, also for healing Tuesday
Ambergris Venus Earth Aphrodisiac, commanding passion, virility  Tues/Fri
Balm of Gilead Venus Water Inspiration, wisdom, protection, healing Weds/Fri
Bayberry Mercury Earth Domestic tranquility, money, prosperity, peace Weds
Benzoin Sun Air Prosperity, to attract business, purification Thurs/Fri
Bergamot Mercury Air Money, protection, success Weds/Sat
Camphor Moon Water Chastity, divination, health, purification Monday
Carnation Sun Fire Protection, strength, healing Sunday
Cedar Sun Fire Money, love, purification, healing, protection Fri/Sun
Camomile Sun Water Meditation, sleep, peace, purification Mon/Weds
Cherry Venus Water Mood brightener, attract friends, divination Weds/Fri
Cinnamon Sun Fire Prosperity, healing, passion, psychic power Tues/Weds
Clary Sage Mercury Air Mental power, vivid dreams Wednesday
Cloves Jupiter Fire Money, spell breaking, stop gossip, love, comfort the bereaved Thurs/Sat
Cypress Saturn Earth Consecration, healing, protection, longevity Mon/Sat
Dragon’s Blood Mars Fire To increase the power of any spell, powerful protection Tues/Fri/Sat
Eucalyptus Moon Water Healing, protection, consecration Mon/Weds
Frankincense Sun Fire Clairvoyance, contact other planes, consecration, purification, spirituality  Mon/Weds/Sat
Gardenia Moon Water Love, peace, healing, spirituality Mon/Fri
Ginseng Sun Fire Longevity, love, renewal, strength, wishes Fri/Sun
Heather Venus Water Protection, rainmaking Mon/Thurs
Heliotrope Sun Fire Spirituality, psychic awareness, healing, exorcism, invisibility, prophetic dreams Mon/Weds/Sat
High John the Conqueror Mars Fire Prosperity, love, success, happiness Tues/Fri/Sun
Honeysuckle Jupiter Earth Prosperity, clairvoyance Weds/Thurs
Jasmine Moon Water Love, prosperity, prophetic dreams Monday
Juniper Berry Jupiter Fire Gain, keep secrets, prevent theft, love, strength Thurs/Sat
Lavender Mercury Air Love, protection, purification, chastity, sleep, peace Mon/Fri
Lemon Moon Water Longevity, purification, love Mon/Weds
Lotus Moon Water Love, protection, Lock Opening Monday
Musk (dark or light) Mars Earth Magnetic, attracts women, fertility, courage Tuesday
Myrrh Moon Water Banishing, meditation, protection, spirituality Mon/Sat
Orange Blossom Sun Fire Brighten disposition, good luck, happiness, love, prosperity Fri/Sun
Orris Venus Water Love, protection, divination, commanding, spell breaking, stop gossip Mon/Weds/Fri
Patchouli Saturn Earth Money, prosperity, peace, fertility, grounding Thurs/Sat
Pennyroyal Mars Fire Endings, release, harmony, love, peace Saturday
Peppermint Mercury Fire Healing, purification, love, psychic development, sleep Wednesday
Rose Venus Water Attracting men, fertility, love, peace, compassion, clairvoyance, healing Mon/Fri
Rose Geranium Venus Water Fertility, healing, love, psychic protection Mon/Fri
Rosemary Sun Fire Banishing, healing, ‘remembrance’, mental power, vitality, prevent theft Weds/Sat/Sun
Rue Mars Fire Consecration, karma, longevity, psychic development, mental power Tues/Sat
Sage Jupiter Air Healing, prosperity, clairvoyance, wisdom, protection Weds/Thurs
Sandalwood Moon Water Divination, protection, success, wishes Monday
Vanilla Venus Water Vitality, lust, magical power, mental power Tues/Weds
Vetivert Venus Earth Divination, love, money, protection, hex-breaking, anti-theft Thurs/Sat
Violet Venus Water Protection, luck, love, lust, wishes, peace ,healing Friday
Wisteria Venus Air Protection, gentleness, inspiration, love, wisdom Mon/Weds/Fri
Wormwood Mars Fire Psychic power, overcoming opposition, transformation, determination Tuesday
Ylang-Ylang Venus Water Love, Peace, Sleep Mon/Fri
Essential Oils Guide Nottingham, Lincoln, Grantham, Leicester, Newark, Derby, Peterborough

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