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EmoTrance™ seeks to balance the mind/body energy system and restore balance and health. It was developed by Silvia Hartmann, and who is the author of “Adventures in EFT”, a leading book on Emotional Freedom Techniques which can be purchased here at Elevated Therapy International.

EmoTrance is an incredibly simple and intuitive method because it relies upon naturally existing systems of the human totality i.e. the intention of the conscious mind, the feedback devices of emotion and sensation from the physical and energy bodies, and the co-operation of the unconscious mind.

EmoTrance is amazingly easy to learn and to do. It works to re-establish a full and functioning flow of a very wide range of “energy types” in through and out of a person’s body.

ET does this in three ways: by finding the pathways for energies that need to flow rather than be stuck, held on to or deflected out; by softening and releasing old energy blockages (which show up through physiological sensations in a person’s body); by repairing channels, networks and areas of the energy body to enable these areas to once again allow a smooth flowing of incoming energies into through and out of the system.

Benefits of EmoTrance

Through releasing trapped energy and creating an even flow, emotional problems and other associated symptoms are able to disperse.
Also clients and practitioners report that they become far more attuned to what is happening in their bodies and how their emotional states are actually expressed in their body.

In the act of learning to move these energies, every person who practises EmoTrance begins to learn about their own energy body i.e. where the main channels, main centres and exit points for energies are.

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EmoTrance, once learned, is a LIFE SKILL. Being able to work with one’s own energy system IN THE MOMENT, in real life, in direct response to the environment and the situations one finds oneself in, allows someone who knows about EmoTrance to protect themselves MUCH better, to handle emotions in a whole different way, and to extract joy and energy from the environment much more profoundly.


This leads to a HEALTHIER energy system and a much HAPPIER human being – in any circumstance of modern life.

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