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Hypnotherapy GranthamElevated Therapy International continues to welcome old and new clients from London and the South East to Grantham

Michael qualified in London in 1994 / 95

Grantham Hypnotherapy Clinic

“Dr. Millett`s best talent was described as unlocking and dealing with destructive subconscious states that lead to physical and emotional pain.
His hypnotherapy worked so deeply and was combined with such pragmatic advice
(London News)
.Hypnotherapy Clinic Grantham

Michael was included in the London Paper`s exhaustively researched list as a hypnotherapist and an alternative health expert and one of London`s Top 50 Wellbeing Gurus”.

Hypnosis in Grantham

Elevated Therapy is only 1 hour by direct train from London`s Kings Cross station, or straight up the A1












Many of my old clients and people from London and the South-East of England will be surprised in coming to the Elevated Therapy International website to find out that I am no longer located in Willesden, London. NW10.

Clinical Hypnotherapy in GranthamI moved myself and my practice from Leopold Road just before Christmas of 2011 and am now in the centre of town in Grantham and doing very well in seeing new clients from Grantham, Nottingham, Lincoln, Peterborough, Stamford, Newark, Melton Mowbray, Oakham, Rutland, Sleaford, Leicester, the East Midlands of England and beyond.
Well, I did grow up in Nottingham and went to school in West Bridgford which is close by and wanted to return to this area again after 26 years living in London – with my own professional practice there, and working in Harley Street for a while, and at the Replingham Clinic in South London for some time. It was an immense experience !
It’s nice too that I have lots of extended family members on both parents’ sides in Nottingham, and throughout the East Midlands as well – not forgetting all the in-laws in Sheffield – this made resettling here easier, and makes keeping in touch and seeing them effortless with being located in Grantham.

I did intend to leave London at some point for a better quality of life, with less crowds and traffic, better air quality, and less hustle and bustle overall – so I did !
Anyway, I love being here, and it is very nice and interesting that more than half of the clients I see here in Grantham continue to be from London and the South East (old – repeat clients) and (new clients – word of mouth).
This is wonderful and very supportive of me, and my work, and the long time I spent there !

Now, it is also great to see so much interest from people in Nottingham in particular, and Nottinghamshire as well as the city of Lincoln and throughout Lincolnshire, and Leicestershire showing so much excitement towards my work and me being located here. Everyone has made me very welcome, and continues to.

Still easy to get here and see me

Hypnotherapist in GranthamWell, apart from the excellent, experienced, innovating, special and cutting-edge work of Elevated Therapy which attracts many people, Grantham is only a little over one hour by train from London`s King`s Cross and just a couple of hours if coming by car, straight up on the A1.
Therefore, it is very easy to get to from London and the South-East of England as well as from many other places.
Grantham Railway Station also provides convenient rail connections with most of the British Isles too and the train service from London to here runs very frequently with trains starting very early and finishing very late.
Many people from Grantham commute to work in London every day also.

Hypnotherapist Grantham

Coming to the Grantham Clinic of Hypnotherapy and Holistic Practices

A number of clients in coming to see me in London through the years spent much longer sometimes in commuting across London, the Home Counties, and the South-East to come and see me and were delayed with tubes, traffic and suchlike very often. (such is London alot of the time).
Coming to Grantham is much easier as it is direct and you know how long it will take you to get here, and I am also available all days of the week including Sundays and a couple of late evenings, to make it easier and more convenient to see everyone at more times to suit you !

I am literally then, a 10 minute walk from Grantham Station once you arrive in Grantham on the train from London, or from elsewhere.
For those that would like to do a little shopping (all major shops are represented and customer service and friendliness are excellent) or do some banking, or visit the post office or do other business etc.
All facilities are here in the town to avail of, literally right here on the doorstep and on your way back to the station including some nice eating places, traditional pubs and coffee bars.
For those driving up here, there are no parking restrictions or parking problems at or near the practice.
I also have off-street parking.

So, I shall continue to look forward to seeing more of my old clients, and new ones too from London and the South-East of England through word of mouth as well as more people from Grantham and all over the East Midlands.

bed and breakfast in grantham

For those clients that would like to stay overnight or for a few nights – that can be arranged !

For those of you that cannot travel to me in Grantham for whatever reason, then do consider my Telephone and Skype Therapy and Coaching Service Online which has been going since the late 90`s and is going from strength to strength, nationally and internationally.
Much can be achieved through this medium today !
If you are an old / established client and have been to see me before, and can’t travel – then just pick up the phone and arrange this with me directly.
It would be good to hear from you !

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Professional Hypnotherapy Grantham

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