EFT With Children

EFT with Children

AMT / GOE Master Trainer since 1998

EFT for ChildrenEFT with Children and Teenagers is becoming more popular all the time with practitioners, parents, youth workers and carers because of the benefits of this great tool to effectively address so many physical and emotional issues.

Children love it too !! Childrens EFTEFT is fun and allows children and young people to deal with difficulties in the early stages before they have magnified to something much worse!  They can be their own healers and can form new empowering beliefs.

Elevated Therapy and the work of Dr. Michael G Millett has been teaching EFT to children since the late nineties.

Instructing young children and teenagers to apply EFT is a great healing method for them in their daily lives to help them as they grow into adulthood.

Children find EFT easy and effective for them and it can become as normal as brushing their teeth!
It is wonderful that they have a tool which will help them all through their lives, should they need to use it.
Something which will help him always be true to themselves…not their fears – no matter how big or how small !!

You might be interested in using Michael`s Animal SUD (Subjective Unit of Disturbance) Scale with children when using the “Energy Psychotherapies”.
He uses this because small children don’t relate to numbers and especially in cases of severe trauma, the child might not be able to speak at all.

He uses small pictures of the animals and explains to the child, for example, “The snake is when it`s the worst it can be, really bad” and
“The butterfly is so light, it’s not even there, you can’t even feel it any more.”

Instead of a SUDs rating (intensity level), the child points to the pictures.
You can put pictures of the animals and the numbers on cardboard or similar.

Tapping For KidsThis is the standard “elevated” scale Michael uses:

[0 Butterfly]
[1 Chicken]
[2 Dog]
[3 Cat]
[4 Rabbit]
[5 Horse]
[6 Cow]
[7 Elephant]
[8 Monkey]
[9 Bear]
[10 Snake]


Smaller children are better served with fewer “animal representations” because ten can be a bit much to remember.
Another suggestion on using this way of being able to talk to children about the intensity of their feelings and emotions – is to have them arrange the animals in their own idiosyncratic order and to assign the emotional severity to each one as they think it should be done.
This allows for personal experiences to be taken into consideration, i.e. a child having been frightened by a dog at one point or having a friendly pet snake at home, which would of course change the relationship to the animal and therefore the expression of emotion.

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EFT Tapping with Children

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