EFT Sessions at the East Midlands EFT Centre with Dr. Michael Millett

IN-PERSON EFT SESSIONS AND TRAINING from one of the first therapists to introduce EFT to the UK back in 1996. EFT Sessions at the East Midlands EFT Centre

AMT  / Guild of Energists Master Trainer since 1998

Personal EFT Sessions


Serving Nottingham, Lincoln, Newark, Grantham, Sleaford, Leicester, Derby, Stamford, Oakham, Peterborough and beyond…

EFT Sessions at the East Midlands EFT Centre – If you are interested and would like to learn this technique known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) which recognises the involvement of both mind and body in emotional issues – you are in the right place !

EFT in Nottingham

An EFT learning session lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes and costs £75.
With the `Next Generation Energy EFT`, we discover there is more to EFT than just “tapping your problems away” – there is a whole additional dimension beyond “the Zero Point of Feeling Nothing,” a whole range of POSITIVE emotions we can experience when we improve the flow of energy with Advanced patterns of EFT and Energy EFT (Positive EFT).
There are links in the navigation bar above under “Contact” to send me an email of how to book EFT Sessions at the East Midlands EFT Centre in Grantham in Lincolnshire
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EFT Derby

EFT Nottingham

A standard hour and a half session costs £75.
Late evenings on a Monday and Thursday `til 8.30pm. Saturdays and Sundays `til 4pm.
Michael was one of the very first therapists to introduce EFT to the UK in 1996.

EFT StamfordIndividual EFT sessions are also available by phone and Skype too from this web site for only £50 per hour (have a look under “Skype and Phone” in top navigation bar).
This is a very efficient way to get expert treatment with EFT wherever you live, without the inconvenience and time it takes to travel.
You can pay for sessions on-line in advance or by credit / debit card on the phone before we start the session.

I also have a THREE HOUR WORKSHOP for everyone which is a highly practical half-day training course in how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and MET and accredited by the Association of Meridian Therapies / Guild of Energists – taking EFT/ MET skills to a whole new level (on the road to becoming masterful at using EFT and Meridian Energy Therapy for yourself).

There is also the FULL DAY WORKSHOP for everyone which is a highly practical and comprehensive full-day training course in how to start using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) at a professional level and again accredited by the Association for Meridian & Energy Therapies / GOE.

EFT Lincoln

Nottingham EFT

This easy to learn technique is used to address emotional, physical or spiritual issues combining affirmations to focus the mind and physical stimulation to alleviate unwanted:

  • anxiety
  • anger
  • grief
  • loss
  • fears
  • phobias
  • compulsions
  • cravings
  • effects of trauma
  • performance pressure in work, sport or study
  • other mental pressures or concerns

EFT can be applied to oneself and offered to friends or family members including children.

EFT requires no philosophical, religious or theoretical commitment.

EFT may be used with all other techniques.

The session involves no disclosure of personal issues and is not a lead into future purchases or involvements.

Skills acquired at the session with me can be extended through Internet discussion groups and sites on the WWW or follow-up work with me if you wish and through “Advanced Patterns” of EFT or other MET`S (Meridian Energy Therapies) mentioned on the site.

Grantham EFT

EFT Sessions Lincoln“I have found EFT marvellous for dealing with post traumatic stress, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, fears and  phobias, addictive cravings, negative memories, sexual abuse issues, grief and loss, allergies, pain and symptom management as well as for performance anxiety, self esteem issues and sports performance. Many of the above issues have a number of different “aspects” or components to them and can be quite complicated with many layers. For instance, we may be angry and hurt about the break up of a relationship and later sad, and each one of these aspects of our emotional upset will need to be balanced in turn.
Each aspect typically has a slightly different feel or emotional tone, so a person can usually tell that another aspect has arisen when it does. Using EFT is a great way to create this balance within the body/mind until all the relevant aspects have been released and dealt with.
I have even used it several times on myself with immediate success with situations”.

Dr. Michael G Millett talking to the Television Press in 1998

EFT Sessions in Nottingham


EFT Grantham





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