EFT Nottingham at the East Midlands EFT Centre

EFT Nottingham at the East Midlands EFT Centre

EFT Nottingham

Half Day EFT Workshop Nottingham, Lincoln, Newark, Bingham, Worksop, Mansfield, Grantham, Derby and Leicester

AMT / Guild of Energists Master Trainer since 1998

EFT Trainer Newark

EFT Master

EFT Nottingham – The highly practical half-day INTENSIVE training workshop in how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and “Next Generation Energy EFT” plus Positive EFT – accredited by the Association For Meridian And Energy Therapies, the AMT / Guild of Energists.

EFT Training in NottinghamMET`s (Meridian Energy Therapies) including EFT can be used to relieve negative emotions such as anxiety, guilt, anger, phobias, depression and cravings. It is simple to use and remarkably effective in bringing about lasting change.

The basic technique is fairly simple and can be learnt fairly quickly, and it can be easily self-applied. It is an amazingly effective self-help tool that you can use to help improve your relationships, enhance performance and achieve your goals.

EFT Workshop in NottinghamThe workshop is for EVERYONE but is also a first step intro for therapists who would like to consider adding EFT and Energy EFT to the existing therapies and ways of working that they practice.
Since EFT in particular is one of the easiest to learn and yet most effective applications available in the world today, it is an excellent technique for all therapists and health care workers to use on themselves and with their clients and patients.

This Half Day INTENSIVE Approved EFT Nottingham Workshop meets the latest innovations in EFT and you can be assured the information you receive are true EFT concepts and techniques. However, the workshop is intensive and goes a little further in certain ways by introducing “Next Generation EFT” / Energy EFT and focusing on particular personal core issues and relationship and abundance issues as well.

The training course is designed to get you results!

[ FULL DAY Workshop ][ Master EFT Practitioner Certification Training ]

EFT Workshop in Newark

EFT Workshop Nottingham, Lincoln, Newark, Grantham, Derby and LeicesterYou will be personally trained by Dr. Michael G Millett, the founder of Elevated Therapy and the first therapist in the UK and Ireland back in 1996 to be using these techniques. Michael is an experienced trainer, coach and therapist and he aims to give you a life-changing learning experience, while making sure you have fun, in a safe and comfortable environment. This is a cutting edge course professionally designed by Michael and the Association For Meridian and Energy Therapies / GOE to have huge positive impact in your life with maximum enjoyment.

This three-hour workshop will enable you to use EFT on yourself, family and friends as a tool to resolve negative emotions such as anxiety, guilt, anger, phobias, depression and cravings. You will also be able to apply EFT to many physical symptoms as well. and build up your skills and confidence in using it.
However, some may find that Michael`s intensive 1.5 hour session is quite adequate for their personal needs. This is more like session work.
However, this workshop will develop your skills and understanding of EFT in Nottingham as well as “Next Generation EFT” / Positive EFT.

EFT Newark


This workshop introduces EFT and explores its fundamentals.
Participants will learn the background of the EFT technique, its theory, exactly how the basic EFT technique is done and why it works.
And, they get to do and experience EFT a number of times.
They will also see video work application.

You will learn to do EFT with yourself and get results, and you will have some printed reference material to help you along.
It is the beginning of a wonderful adventure and you will have this fantastic tool for the rest of your life.

This excellent and exclusive short EFT workshop Nottingham will explore advanced, creative and intuitive applications of EFT and will provide you with some dynamic ways for getting right to the heart of the matter with issues and releasing the emotional blocks, thus moving you forward.

You’ll Learn:
• How to enhance and influence the results you can obtain and sustain with EFT.
• How to go directly to core issues and breakthrough and lift limiting blocks and emotional pain and hurt.
• How to use and implement EFT with personal core issues of self-acceptance, self-love and self-worth.
• How to approach and administer EFT with relationship issues, thus enabling you to communicate better.
• Best approaches for clarifying your true values and uncovering and treating limiting core beliefs about financial abundance that have been holding you / your clients back from achieving and sustaining the life of your / their dreams. Enables you to create a Success Identity.
• How you can create positive shifts in your relationship with yourself and realise your true potential using EFT.
• How to apply EFT to eliminate the emotional blocks to goals, building your Abundance Mindset and leave fear of success and failure in the past.

Where & When?

EFT in GranthamWorkshops are arranged in Grantham Town Centre, Lincolnshire by appointment on Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sundays. (7 DAYS) (One-On-One Tuition) with Michael in a tranquil home setting, or in small groups if you wish to arrange to bring a couple of friends or colleagues.
The half-day training commences at 10.00am finishing at 1.00pm or starts at 1.00pm and finishes at 4.00pm.

Cost: The cost is £160 for one person or £120 each if two are attending or £90 each if three or more are attending this half-day training programme.

This half-day workshop is conducted by Michael on a 1+1 basis or with very small intimate groups for the best individual attention.

He has been using these techniques since 1996 and is a very experienced psychotherapist who uses EFT on a daily basis in session work with clients in his very successful, and dynamic private practice. Michael is also a Director of the Association For Meridian And Energy Therapies [The AMT / GOE], so quality, expertise and success can be assured for discerning delegates in making this their choice of workshop.
With this workshop that same expertise and success is yours!

If you are interested in doing this work-shop with Michael, please e-mail him about it so that you can arrange the half-day or telephone him to arrange it.

EFT Workshop in Newark

EFT Training in NottinghamA 50% deposit will need to be made once the appointment has been finalised and the balance is payable on the day at the end of the workshop.
The deposit and complete payment can be made by cash, a cheque with a bankers card , direct credit transfer and by credit or debit card which can be done on the phone with your credit or debit card when making the appointment (all major cards accepted) or UK residents can arrange to send a deposit cheque before the session.
Non UK residents can pay the deposit over the phone through their credit or debit card when booking by phone or use PayPal.
On booking, a 50% deposit request will be sent to you by email to use the PayPal service if you choose this option.

Who is eligible?

EFT Workshop Newark

The three-hour workshop will benefit ALL and anyone to easily learn one of the most important healing tools I know.
In fact, anyone prepared to learn and try out new methods for personal development especially therapists, counsellors and other health practitioners for personal use and introduction to their clients / patients will benefit enormously. However, it is not designed for anyone currently experiencing psychiatric or serious emotional problems.
While the EFT process is similar for every issue, not every person responds the same way.
Some get immediate relief while others require persistence.
Some are enthusiastic about it while others are sceptical.
They ask different questions and pose different problems.
This is where the “art of delivery” comes in.

ELEVATED THERAPY ATTENDANCE CERTIFICATES for this workshop are given to all participants which is often appreciated by all.

A full professional training to be a EFT Master Practitioner is also available at Elevated Therapy International.



EFT Training NottinghamIndividual EFT sessions are available by phone and Skype too from the Therapy Line Service on this web site for only £50 per hour.
This is a very efficient way to get expert treatment with EFT wherever you live, without the inconvenience and time it takes to travel.
You can pay for sessions on-line in advance or by credit / debit card on the phone before we start the session.

EFT in Nottingham

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