Sessions in-person, by telephone or Skype are charged by length of time really and not content or the type of intervention (therapy) used.
There is no guarantee of a perceived and / or particular outcome in individual cases as therapy is not an item or product, it is organic.

Dr. Michael G Millett and Elevated Therapy ® is not able to give any warranty or guarantee that personal problems (either expressed or implied) presented by a client can or will be resolved.

Dr. Michael G Millett and Elevated Therapy ® does not accept any liability or responsibility for any consequences of a client’s use of his services — either beneficial or otherwise.
(including, but not limited to the website, downloads and documents),
A client’s use of the advice, information or opinion provided in a therapy session, their interpretation of what they see or hear in such sessions or any effects on them or others which they attribute to such sessions is their responsibility alone.

Any medical or mental health information provided by this site or in session with Dr. Michael G Millett is for information purposes only, and is not intended to replace formal diagnosis, or treatment by a qualified and practising GP or Medical Consultant. Michael is not a medical doctor.
It is always advisable to consult a licensed medical doctor, or other health care professional, before embarking on any weight loss / slimming and / or fitness programme. Responsibility for doing so remains with the client at all times. Hypnotherapy for weight loss, is designed to aid, and not replace, a sensible and well-balanced calorie controlled diet.


In using the Shop online, your security is of prime importance to Dr. Michael G Millett and Elevated Therapy ®.
All information transmitted between you and Dr. Michael G Millett and Elevated Therapy ® is highly encrypted using the Internet’s Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) with at least a 128 bit security key.

Furthermore, Dr. Michael G Millett and Elevated Therapy ® rarely needs to hold your credit card information (only when Manual Processing is required).
For the short time data is held , it is always kept highly encrypted and is always automatically destroyed as soon as the financial transaction is complete
(usually only a few seconds but this applies to manually processed transactions too).


Dr. Michael G Millett and Elevated Therapy ® never shares any of your information with any third party (other than for the purpose of payment authorisation).
Dr. Michael G Millett and Elevated Therapy ® occasionally may contact you with regard to your online order but generally that is not necessary, and you will definitely not receive third party ‘Spam’ email as a result of a shopping transaction at Elevated Therapy ®.

The information, recordings and training materials contained within this website are provided for guidance only.
No responsibility is accepted for any errors, omissions or inferences from text or images on the site, or in training materials.
Reference to any organisation, practitioner, linked website or form of advice, opinion, treatment or intervention cannot be taken as an endorsement.
Elevated Therapy ® does not take responsibility or accept liability for any loss or damage resulting from using its service or website and its content or any site that it is linked to.
All designs, logos, coat of arms, photographs, text, documents and other content of this site are copyrighted.




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