Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis For Depression

Hypnotherapy and Depression

Hypnotherapy For Depression in Nottingham Hypnotherapy For Depression in Newark

Counselling and psychotherapy are extremely effective ways of treating depression if cases are mild to moderate.
There are different types of depression of course, including Major Depression, Dysthymic Disorder, Bipolar Disorder or Manic Depression and Postnatal Depression.

Hypnotherapy and NLP as well as the “Energy Therapies” (EFT, TAB, TAT etc. ) are gaining wider recognition and work too as tools of change at an unconscious level, where change really matters !

At Hypnotherapy in Grantham, I have found them to be very positive in helping relieve symptoms of depression by often working with the cause of it with Hypnoanalysis (psychotherapy using hypnosis).


There are a number of reasons why these applications of therapy are very effective in helping enormously the symptoms and very often the causes of depression.

People who are depressed often feel like they are living in a `permanent darkness`.

Depression can cause a variety of physical and psychological symptoms. Many report having no energy and find it difficult to concentrate.
Some people feel irritable with no reason behind it and often find it very difficult to sleep or when they do, don`t have a good night`s sleep.
Extensive evidence, suggests that `depression` is rooted deeply in our nights.
In fact, insomnia and depression are so strongly linked, some experts believe they are flip sides of the same disorder – what we might think of as a depression-insomnia complex.
Each day of depression can be linked to a night of disrupted sleep and dreams.
See Insomnia Help in Nottingham, Grantham, Lincoln and the East Midlands

Symptoms of Depression

  • feeling constantly pessimistic and negative
  • feeling sad, anxious or empty most of the time
  • tiredness
  • lack of energy
  • restlessness and irritability
  • feeling worthless, helpless or guilty
  • loss of interest in hobbies or activities
  • difficulty concentrating and making general decisions
  • changes in sleep patterns
  • changes in appetite
  • thoughts of death or suicide
  • persistent physical symptoms, such as headaches and digestive disorders.

Of course, the symptoms of depression are different for different people but it is true to say, it is a terrible situation to find oneself in as it can affect the way one feels about themselves and their life.

Hypnotherapy For Depression in Nottingham

Sufferers of depression often feel very alone and feel life is hopeless.

Though estimates vary on the number of people suffering with depression at any one time, the Office for National Statistics here in the UK put this figure at 10 per cent of the population, or one in ten adults. In terms of how many people will develop depression at some point during their life time, the figures range from one in six to one in four.

It would appear, twice as many women as men are diagnosed with depression. However, this may simply suggest that men are less comfortable seeking help or do not get an accurate diagnosis since depression in some men manifests itself as a substance use problem.

Unfortunately, society still holds a stigma attached to depression and many people suffer in silence and do not pursue help to alleviate this condition for themselves.
They try to live with it.

It is now time to stop this and get the help you deserve !

Many professionals support a combination of drug therapy and psychotherapy, but more and more studies show that medication is unnecessary if the sufferer receives the right sort of help which can include Hypnotherapy, NLP and the Energy Therapies.

Moreover, hypnotherapy can also address the cause of the depression in some cases through Hypnoanalysis.

Hypnotherapy For Depression in Nottingham

Hypnotherapy works with the unconscious mind with its reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories that are outside of our conscious awareness.
In other words, the unconscious mind continues to influence our behaviour and experience, even though we are unaware of these underlying influences.

Our unconscious mind is responsible for running the erroneous or negative patterns of thinking, behaving and relating to others.

Hypnosis works with the unconscious mind directly and helps to change old negative patterns to create an alternative and better state of consciousness or reality for the individual.

It`s like being in a daydream where your thoughts can be directed to create new perspectives with past experiences as they may appear or might be imagined and therefore change your thoughts, perceptions, feelings, motivations and behaviours towards them.


Hypnotherapy For Depression in Grantham


Because Hypnotherapy, NLP and the Energy Therapies focus on effecting positive change at an unconscious level, Hypnotherapy For Depression Nottingham and Grantham, has been found to be beneficial in relieving the symptoms of depression and motivating clients to respond in much better and healthier ways to life and living in the present and their future.

Hypnosis is proven to be a fast, positive and effective means of teaching people new ways of being, a way of accessing new possibilities for feelings and behaviours, in a quick, harmonized and combined way.

Many people may not understand why they are feeling the way they are and therefore can be too embarrassed to seek help, believing the feelings will disappear sooner or later

Hypnotherapy For Depression GranthamIf you would like to talk about relieving and possibly overcoming your depression, call me !

Don’t let this situation you find yourself in stop you from finding a solution a moment longer.

Hypnotherapy For Depression in Lincoln

Michael Millett qualified as a hypnotherapist in 1995 and is now also a hypnotherapy supervisor and he was in London in successful private practice for more than 16 years until 2011.
He is also a qualified and licensed Counsellor and Psychotherapist.

Michael is only a short journey by car or train from Nottingham, Newark, Lincoln and Peterborough being in the centre of Grantham.

Appointments are 7 days per week including two late evenings.

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