Coronavirus Update

Amid the developing coronavirus situation, I wanted to take the time to reassure all clients that I am keeping track of all the updates / advice of Public Health England and the World Health Organisation (WHO), and the government as well regarding the ever changing status of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and assure you of the actions I am taking as a responsible health and wellness practice from Grantham at this time.
Nothing is more important to me than the safety of clients at Elevated Therapy.

Clearly this is a dynamic situation, and I need to continue to practise safely and not put myself, or my clients at unnecessary risk.
I also have a duty of care to do all I can to help end this world health crisis.

You can always arrange with me an online consultation / session via Skype or a phone session which I have been doing all over the world for years anyway as a pioneer of this work, and a main UK provider of Skype and telephone therapy services for many years. I can also offer the much needed mental health, emotional, psychological and spiritual support to people especially NHS staff and frontline workers.

Online and phone work is actually a preferred form of therapy for many clients, as they can relax more fully at home. This is particularly true for those people experiencing health anxiety or feelings of dread and terror over the Coronavirus pandemic, perhaps some online hypnotherapy or EFT sessions may help you ?

When you work online with Elevated Therapy you receive the same level of care and commitment as you would in a face-to-face session, with the added security and comfort of being in your own environment. This means that you can get the help you need without any risk to your health or well being.

Tel: 01476 568800 (Grantham, UK)
Tel: 0333 121 0788 (United Kingdom)
Tel: 01-443 4260 (Dublin, Ireland)
Tel: 845-363 4700 (New York, USA)
Tel: 02-8003 4535 (Sydney, Australia)

In summary, we have to accept the fact that the variables of coronavirus, and the current Covid-19 situation is part of our existence at the moment.
We need to balance our fear by maintaining a sense of well-being during these types of challenging times. There have been many viruses in the past, and there will be many more in the future. It is all about keeping everything in the right perspective.
However, it is important to affirm the positive and remember what is good and powerful in our lives.

We are what we believe and the energy we put out there is the energy we get back.

I want to wish all of my clients well during these difficult times and I look forward to working with you online at this time, and seeing you in-person / face-to-face at “Tipperary House” again with the easing of lockdown restrictions from April 12th, 2021. I have Coronavirus restrictions and mitigation in place at the house keeping you, myself and others safe through carrying out a thorough risk assessment and have put in place procedures to safeguard against the transmission of corona virus. However by attending me in Grantham for a face to face appointment there will always be a risk. You can find out more, and what is required when you book to call and see me.

Thank you. ~Michael

Elevated Therapy in Grantham is open for business
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