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Reincarnation And Christianity

Reincarnation And Christianity   I have written and published this article to address the fears and guilts that a number of Christians feel about undertaking Past Life Therapy and Healing. For many of these people – they walk through the back door of the church to get assistance from me and others like me! This article is […]

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Soul Fragmentation

Soul Fragmentation. Soul Retrieval Soul Retrieval is a shamanistic approach to healing. Soul Retrieval has been a powerful technique for thousands of years. In the native tradition of shamanism, illness was an indication that the soul had vacated the body. The shaman journeyed into non-ordinary reality to retrieve the soul and return it to the sick person restoring wholeness […]

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Advanced Life Between Lives Work

Life Between Lives ~ Spiritual Hypnotherapy. Bardo State Work   What is Life Between Lives? Life Between Lives is a spiritual, metaphysical, deep hypnotherapy session and journey that connects you to your soul`s awareness and knowledge and the spirit world. Taken into the spiritual state between lives, you can connect with your own individual soul […]

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Elevated Therapies

Elevated Therapies     Many people have asked me why I named my work “Elevated Therapy ®”. It`s a strange story but back in the early 1990`s, I wanted to have a service name that fully represented my work other than my own name. I wanted it to be original, strong, suggestive and inherently distinctive. My […]

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