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Holistic Therapy

Holistic Therapy Holistic Therapy in Grantham, Sleaford, Stamford and Newark-on-Trent What Does Holistic Healing Mean ? Holistic healing or therapy means the “whole person” which is the focus when seeking treatment, techniques and therapies in the journey for optimal health and wellness. What sets holistic healing apart from alternative medicine, complementary medicine, and integrative medicine […]

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Latest Reviews and Testimonials

EVIDENCE-BASED Regular reviews and testimonials coming in from independently verified clients and associates of Elevated Therapy ® throughout the world.

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Quick Appointment Form

Quick Appointments at Elevated Therapy For fast service, and to make a quick appointment request with Michael at the “Clinic of Hypnotherapy and Holistic Practices” in Grantham`s Town Centre, complete the appointment form below with a date and time, that suits you, and a few other details. He will endeavour to get back to you […]

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Tipperary House Accommodation in Grantham for Clients

If you would like a list of current recommended Guest Houses and B & B’s in the Grantham area – please get in touch. BY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT: Due to repeated requests and suggestions from Clients and Trainees, we now have … A beautiful private (non-commercial) boutique B&B style arrangement in the centre of Grantham as […]

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Learn to Love Yourself

A series “Elevated Chat” of writings, articles, insights and musings from Dr. Michael G Millett and the archives of Elevated Therapy International Learn to Love Yourself It is true that the more you understand and accept yourself, the more you acknowledge your good traits as well as having compassion for the bad ones. This allows […]

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Testimonial from a Journalist

  Lucy Mayhew is a journalist specialising in health and wellbeing who worked previously for the BBC and the Mail on Sunday and writes for a wide range of publications including Grazia, Red, the Daily Mail, the Times, Daily Telegraph, and the Sunday Times.   “Having been a health writer for many years I have interviewed, been […]

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Metaphysical Therapy

Metaphysical Papers ~ Karmic Problems and Karmic Cause Karmic Problems are a force produced by your own consciousness and manifested through the Law of Cause and Effect which is a natural law which has nothing to do with the idea of justice or reward and punishment. Contrary to popular belief, in most cases, karma is […]

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Elevated Therapy comes to Grantham and the East Midlands

Elevated Therapy International continues to welcome old and new clients from London and the South East to Grantham Michael qualified in London in 1994 / 95 “Dr. Millett`s best talent was described as unlocking and dealing with destructive subconscious states that lead to physical and emotional pain. His hypnotherapy worked so deeply and was combined […]

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Free Hypnotherapy and Therapy Consultation

Free Hypnotherapy and Therapy Consultation Most people want to start therapy or coaching with me through recommendation and referral from a friend or after ringing me or emailing me and having a chat. However, for some people – they are only considering therapy, coaching, healing or treatment and locating the right therapy / life-coach professional […]

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Past Life Regression – Getting Unstuck in your Growth Process

Past Life Regression Nottingham and Derby – Getting Unstuck in your Growth Process     A great way to dislodge yourself from a spiritual rut is to explore your own past lives through regression. I make a distinction here between getting regressed into a past life and having a psychic tell you about your past […]

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