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Hypno-Healing Hypno-Healing is an application of therapy using therapeutic hypnosis and and holistic medicine whereby help with our thoughts and emotions can bring about changes in our physical health and wellbeing through the natural healing energies of the body to enhance and to encourage the strengthening of the immune system. A hypnotic approach, or an array of […]

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Free Hypnotherapy and Therapy Consultation

Free Hypnotherapy and Therapy Consultation Most people want to start therapy or coaching with me through recommendation and referral from a friend or after ringing me or emailing me and having a chat. However, for some people – they are only considering therapy, coaching, healing or treatment and locating the right therapy / life-coach professional […]

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Past Life Regression – Getting Unstuck in your Growth Process

Past Life Regression – Getting Unstuck in your Growth Process     A great way to dislodge yourself from a spiritual rut is to explore your own past lives through regression. I make a distinction here between getting regressed into a past life and having a psychic tell you about your past lives. To have […]

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Spirit Guides And Power Animals

Spirit Guides and Power Animals All things are equal and no being holds dominion over another or other parts of creation.   Everyone has guides, whether they know it or not, and those who consciously communicate with their guides have an enormous wealth of resources to tap into. Those of us that DO – see […]

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Common Health Ailments

Common Health Ailments What you think creates how you feel ! Common Ailments & Their Metaphysical Causes from Elevated Therapy (Organ Language) Our own thought patterns effect the health of our body. Each emotional response can be part of an underlying “cause” of a physical illness, understanding the illness can help you address the cause and […]

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Edgar Cayce and Reincarnation

Edgar Cayce and Reincarnation at Elevated Therapy ®   Edgar Cayce (pronounced Casey) was born on a farm near Hopkinsville, Kentucky, USA on March 18, 1877. Dubbed “America’s Most Mysterious Man” and “The Sleeping Prophet”, Cayce gave over 14,000 readings during his lifetime. These readings include numerous cures and tips for staying healthy, which is one […]

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Angel Therapy

Angel Therapy at Elevated Therapy International from Nottingham, Grantham, Newark, Leicester, Derby, Lincoln, Stamford, Peterborough and London in the United Kingdom An angel’s face is still because there are no lies inside. Truth makes it a straight, simple face whose beauty lies not in its form but in the feeling it gives you.     […]

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Soul Fragmentation

Soul Fragmentation. Soul Retrieval Soul Retrieval is a shamanistic approach to healing. Soul Retrieval has been a powerful technique for thousands of years. In the native tradition of shamanism, illness was an indication that the soul had vacated the body. The shaman journeyed into non-ordinary reality to retrieve the soul and return it to the sick person restoring wholeness […]

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Advanced Life Between Lives Work

Life Between Lives ~ Spiritual Hypnotherapy. Bardo State Work   What is Life Between Lives? Life Between Lives is a spiritual, metaphysical, deep hypnotherapy session and journey that connects you to your soul`s awareness and knowledge and the spirit world. Taken into the spiritual state between lives, you can connect with your own individual soul […]

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Elevated Therapies

Elevated Therapies     Many people have asked me why I named my work “Elevated Therapy ®”. It`s a strange story but back in the early 1990`s, I wanted to have a service name that fully represented my work other than my own name. I wanted it to be original, strong, suggestive and inherently distinctive. My […]

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