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EFT Workshop Lincoln. EFT Lincoln

EFT Workshop Lincoln. EFT Training Lincolnshire. AMT / Guild of Energists Master Trainer since 1998 EFT Workshop Lincoln – The FULL DAY EFT training workshop in how to use EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques and an introduction to “Next Generation Energy EFT” at the East Midlands EFT Centre in Grantham, Lincolnshire and accredited by the Association […]

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EFT With Children

EFT with Children AMT / GOE Master Trainer since 1998 EFT with Children and Teenagers is becoming more popular all the time with practitioners, parents, youth workers and carers because of the benefits of this great tool to effectively address so many physical and emotional issues. Children love it too !! EFT is fun and […]

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Metaphysical Therapy. Self-Doubt

Metaphysical Papers ~ Self-doubt is not the REAL you! Do you have a dream of something you would love to do, achieve, or be? Are you chasing it? Have you achieved it? If not then what is holding you back? Self-doubt is the only thing that prevents you from taking action! People that DO act […]

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Elevated Therapy comes to Grantham and the East Midlands

Elevated Therapy International continues to welcome old and new clients from London and the South East to Grantham Michael qualified in London in 1994 / 95 “Dr. Millett`s best talent was described as unlocking and dealing with destructive subconscious states that lead to physical and emotional pain. His hypnotherapy worked so deeply and was combined […]

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Corporate EFT

Corporate EFT   Offering EFT in the corporate workplace. Corporate EFT and personal training courses and sessions in EFT and stress management. You will be personally trained by Dr. Michael G Millett, the founder of Elevated Therapy and one of the very first therapists in the UK and Ireland back in 1996 to be using […]

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Tapas Acupressure Technique

 TAT ® ~ Tapas Acupressure Technique Dr. Michael G Millett as a trainer and Director with the AMT (Association For Meridian Therapies) / GOE shares the celebration of Love by delivering inner peace, relaxation, more vibrant health and empowerment through introducing the use of another one of the MET`s or `energy psychotherapies` (TAT ®) which was included […]

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Emotrance: Nottingham, Lincoln, Grantham, Newark, Leicester, Derby and Peterborough  About Emotrance EmoTrance™ seeks to balance the mind/body energy system and restore balance and health. It was developed by Silvia Hartmann, and who is the author of “Adventures in EFT”, a leading book on Emotional Freedom Techniques which can be purchased here at Elevated Therapy International. EmoTrance […]

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Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting: Nottingham, Lincoln, Grantham, Newark, Leicester, Derby and Peterborough About Matrix Reimprinting   Matrix Reimprinting is an enhancement to EFT or `energy tapping` and in particular to the EFT Movie Technique and was creatively developed by Karl Dawson. It’s simple, elegant and profoundly effective. It is said to be influenced by quantum physics and New Science. […]

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