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Body Talk: A Translation from Elevated Therapy

Body Language

Body shape has little to do with personality or does it ?? Certainly the way the body moves shows the self-expression of the personality.
When you talk with people, you use a myriad of physical actions, gestures, eye movements, changes in balance and posture, and facial expressions which reveal profound and subtle messages.

The Body Talks

For quite some time now, therapists and anthropologists have been conscientiously studying the physical interpretation and expression of emotions and determining with mixed conclusions which are nurture and which are nature, meaning which are inherited and which are fashioned by experience .
Smiles are clearly inborn, even blind babies produce smiles. Indeed, we all exhibit smiles as well as the raising of our eyebrows as a sign of recognition.
It is difficult to determine though which other expressions and gestures are universal.
It is true that some physical expressions, gestures and postures result from life experiences.
Body Talk

I have noticed with interest that people that have had to take on adult responsibilities when they were young children often have broad shoulders and well developed chests to carry the tension, but underdeveloped hips and legs. People`s bodies sometimes are clues to the deeper character patterns and subsequent physical development manifested from the experience of their lives…

Most people ignore their body`s physical discomfort in today`s modern world particularly while working or sitting in an office all day. They pay no attention to the muscular contortions their body develops to compensate such as standing with an arched back, back pain, sitting in a closed position etc. When you alter your posture and facial expression – you improve your overall perspective on life and your emotions too. By adopting a positive posture and attitude, you will stop giving off negative signals, create the effect of self-confidence and you will feel more self-confident because of it. Our posture and other “nonverbals” influence our decisions and successes also.
By being aware of this throughout your day, you can free yourself from this fixed negative body language routine and exhibit an empowered (but not aggressive) body language and increase your overall physical and emotional health and help towards your success.
You can change your body language – and, perhaps, change your future !


1) Sitting in a closed position with your hands between your knees making yourself smaller, this reveals a shy and insecure person.
2) An arm across the body or a hand over the mouth indicates a shy, apprehensive person who needs something to hide behind.
3) A hand clasping the arm reveals you are ill at ease and trying to put up a barrier.
4) Avoid low-power postures as in slumping in your chair, touching your neck, folding your arms in front of you.


1) Sit up straight in a relaxed pose with your body open.
2) Relax your shoulders.
3) Stand with both hands open and feet apart – taking up more space signals self-confidence.
4) Nod when people are talking but don`t overdo it.
5) Keep your head up straight and your eyes towards the horizon, or focus on the people in the conversation.

human body languageYou can take a more proactive approach to your emotional wellbeing by smiling more too.
Smiling releases energy, lifts your spirits and relieves stress and tension and strengthens the immune system.
Smiling was our first language as infants expanding into laughter to get involved in fun and play, and to radiate and receive love.
The free gift of laughter quickly establishes a connection between body and mind and more of it in our daily lives make us feel a great deal better. It is a whole-body experience !
The next time you are feeling down, either emotionally or physically, try smiling to yourself.
Initially, it might take some effort, but keep at it. After 10 minutes of concentrating on smiling, because of the release of endorphins from the brain – you will be amazed at how much better you feel.

Interpreting Body Langauge

Body Talk

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