Spirit Guide Meditation

Spirit Guide Meditation It is refreshing to know that our guides are here to help and support us all the time through their love and compassion. Talk to them and ask for their guidance. Talk to them through your conscious mind, in your dreams and with the help of this meditation. You will come to understand […]

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Essential Oils

Essential Oils Guide and Information from Elevated Therapy International WHAT ARE ESSENTIAL OILS? Essential oils are the subtle, volatile liquids that are distilled from plants, shrubs, flowers, trees, bushes and seeds. An ancient process, oil distillation is a delicate and precise art that has been almost forgotten. Science is just now re-discovering the incredible healing […]

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Hypnotherapy Supervision Service

Hypnotherapy Supervision Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Lincoln, Grantham, Newark, London, Peterborough Hypnotherapy Supervision UK and Ireland – National Hypnotherapy Society Professional EFT Supervision Worldwide – The AMT / Guild of Energists     Hypnotherapy & EFT Supervision and Mentoring by telephone, using Skype, 1+1 face-to-face or in a group setting. Dr. Michael G Millett is a Fellow of […]

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EFT Nottingham at the East Midlands EFT Centre

EFT Nottingham at the East Midlands EFT Centre Half Day EFT Workshop Nottingham, Lincoln, Newark, Bingham, Worksop, Mansfield, Grantham, Derby and Leicester AMT / Guild of Energists Master Trainer since 1998 EFT Nottingham – The highly practical half-day INTENSIVE training workshop in how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and “Next Generation Energy EFT” plus […]

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EFT Workshop Lincoln. EFT Lincoln

EFT Workshop Lincoln. EFT Training Lincolnshire. AMT / Guild of Energists Master Trainer since 1998 EFT Workshop Lincoln – The FULL DAY EFT training workshop in how to use EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques and an introduction to “Next Generation Energy EFT” at the East Midlands EFT Centre in Grantham, Lincolnshire and accredited by the Association […]

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EFT With Children

EFT with Children AMT / GOE Master Trainer since 1998 EFT with Children and Teenagers is becoming more popular all the time with practitioners, parents, youth workers and carers because of the benefits of this great tool to effectively address so many physical and emotional issues. Children love it too !! EFT is fun and […]

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Metaphysical Therapy. Self-Doubt

Metaphysical Papers ~ Self-doubt is not the REAL you! Do you have a dream of something you would love to do, achieve, or be? Are you chasing it? Have you achieved it? If not then what is holding you back? Self-doubt is the only thing that prevents you from taking action! People that DO act […]

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Metaphysical Therapy

Metaphysical Papers ~ Karmic Problems and Karmic Cause Karmic Problems are a force produced by your own consciousness and manifested through the Law of Cause and Effect which is a natural law which has nothing to do with the idea of justice or reward and punishment. Contrary to popular belief, in most cases, karma is […]

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