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Appointment Information at Elevated Therapy

Appointment Times

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Sessions at Elevated Therapy International are generally available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and Sundays. (7 Days).
Sessions are generally offered from 10.00 a.m. and finish about 6.00 p.m. There are two late evenings on a Monday and Thursday and the last appointment usually finishes about 4.00 p.m on Saturdays and Sundays.

Michael believes that therapeutic services should be affordable. He does not ask clients to buy a series of sessions as ethically it is inappropriate to determine how long any given course of treatment will take.

The only exception is for smoking cessation, and some learning / training sessions which are a single session protocol.

Sessions are generally at two-hourly intervals throughout the day: at 10 a.m., 12 Noon, 2 p.m., 4 p.m etc.
Each standard session lasts for over an hour or an hour and a half in many cases.
The hour and a half session is the most popular with clients.

Sessions costing more than £120 require a 50% deposit when booking. Details of all other lengths of sessions and designated fees – can be found here.
There are many!
Telephone / Skype / VOIP / Video Sessions can be fitted in quite easily and at varying times.
See details of Telephone / Skype Work here.


Booking Appointments

Grantham HypnotherapyPlease telephone on Grantham (01476) 568800 or 0333 121 0788 (UK Local Call Rate Line)
(or, from overseas to Grantham, 0044-1476-568800 ).
Within the Republic of Ireland at Dublin Office on [01] 443 4260.
Within the USA and Canada at the New York Office on [845] 363 4700.
Within Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Region on Sydney [02] 8003 4535.
I will personally be able to talk to you when I am available. Obviously I never take calls when I am with a client.
Otherwise do leave your name and a contact number (or numbers) and suggest good times for me to call you back and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Of course, complete confidentiality starts from the moment you first contact me, so I will not reveal the purpose of the call if someone else happens to pick up your phone — whether it is at work or at home when I get back to you.
You can also make an appointment by filling out the email form here.
I always endeavour to return telephone calls on the same day.
Likewise, I also undertake to respond to email enquiries on the same or following day.


Cancelling / Rescheduling Appointments

Grantham HypnotherapyPlease remember that at least 48 hours notice of cancellation is required for all appointments, otherwise payment is due in full!
Full days and training days require more notice of cancellation.
With adequate notice, I can offer your vacated appointment time to another client.
If you leave it too late, then that appointment time will be lost. As I have a busy practice and my work and time is very much in demand by people – many of them wanting to see me earlier than their arranged appointment and several of them very vulnerable and others quite unwell, there will almost always be someone else who would like to take your appointment slot if you can no longer use it.
I regularly have to arrange a “stand-by” list. But, clearly, due notice is needed!
I appreciate your consideration here to me and other Elevated Therapy International clients.

To postpone, cancel or reschedule an appointment, just telephone 01476 568800.
You can leave a message if I don`t pick up or you can leave a voicemail before 7 a.m. or after 9 p.m.
Alternatively, you can email me.


Time Between Sessions

Grantham HypnosisI suggest that you consider booking the follow-up session to take place within seven to ten days of the initial session; and the third, within fourteen days (generally speaking).
If necessary, a fourth and fifth session could be fourteen to twenty-one days after, and possibly four-weekly.
Of course, much depends on the type of work we are doing and the issues involved.
If you can attend only the sessions in the evenings, or on Saturdays or Sundays, I do suggest that you book the second and third sessions at the same time when you book your first appointment.
This is simply because evening appointments and Saturdays and Sundays are very much in demand.

It is perfectly possible to reschedule the appointments — provided, of course, you give 48 hours notice.
By booking all of your sessions in advance, you can ensure that you will have a time and day that will suit you best — instead of fitting your appointments into the remaining available slots later on.


How Many Sessions?

Grantham HypnotherapistSometimes the number of sessions is one ! This may seem amazing but it is sometimes true. Certainly this is the case with the Stopping Smoking Session and many of the Energy Therapy Approaches or Discussion, Coaching and Advice Sessions. and some “Healing Sessions”.
In most cases, you may expect three to five sessions for hypnotherapy.
For a very general guidance, please note that the average number of sessions is three or four, and normally the maximum is five or six for regular or clinical hypnotherapy.


Longer Work and Maintenance

Psychotherapy GranthamWhen a client chooses to attend for many sessions, it is because he or she has discovered that my work addresses numerous areas, problems and issues in life on a body – mind – spirit level engendering fresh insights in yourself, others and beyond.
Clients may also need or wish for further advice, support and ongoing input or desire to work on themselves in many other areas.
Some issues can be very complex and persistent too and require more assistance and input.
My work is a way to develop oneself and move forward positively in many respects — to push way past what you believe is your perceived capacity and beyond what you think is possible.
With this realisation and this intention in mind, a client very often may continue to do more sessions to explore other, or deeper or specific issues in a positive and constructive way.
Maintenance is another exception. Some changes must be done gradually if they are to be done in a sustained and healthy way.
A client may sometimes require extra foundation and support through ongoing session work or periodic sessions with inputs of extra confidence, and some strengthening and boundary-building along the way.
Sometimes you may find that, for any of a multitude of reasons, other people do not want you to change.
To deal with that, you will need to access and harness your signature resources to support you in staying strong with your ideals and your dreams and further help and facilitation may be needed.
Do remember, however, that my work centres on empowering you, not me!
When clients come back to experience Elevated Therapy again, they choose to come back because they remember and continue to experience the powerful and effective work we did before.



Grantham HypnotherapyPayment may be made by cheque with Bankers Card, direct transfer, credit / debit card including American Express or by cash. Also PayPal. (Prices HERE)



Grantham Hypnotherapy ClinicThe practice (Map and Directions) is located here. With bus, train and airport information as well.


Running Late !!
If you have a mobile phone, and want to call 01476 568800 or any of the numbers above, you can ring to say you are running late. This would be very much appreciated. I may be able to adjust times to compensate.

Please note for security when phoning any of the Elevated Therapy telephone numbers that UK numbers that use the “withhold number” facility will NOT be connected.
That is UK subscribers prefixing 141 before dialling any of the the Elevated Therapy telephone number(s) will not get through. Please redial omitting the 141.


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Code of Ethics

This can be found here.


Hypnotherapist GranthamThank you.


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