The best way to deal with anger

Anger Management

The best way to deal with anger

Anger Management in Grantham, Newark, Stamford, Sleaford, Nottingham, Lincoln and Peterborough.

As human beings, we experience a range of emotions each day, and in most cases we are able to keep them in check. However, for many people, controlling their anger is often rather difficult, causing great difficulties in their life for themselves and people around them. Anxiety, stress and in some instances depression are acknowledged to be linked with uncontrolled rage but there are effective ways of coping with them.

Anger Management Grantham


When a person gets angry, they will normally find their heart rate increases along with blood pressure levels as chemicals in the blood such as adrenalin are pumped around the body.

These serious problems can cause problems in their daily life, because typically these problems can spill into their work as well as relationships with family and friends.

Rage can be shown in a number of forms, from social problems and general aggravation to violent reactions over minor scenarios, such as ‘road rage’, and domestic violence.



Long term unresolved rage can create a downward spiral leading to mental health problems for example depressive disorders, as well as health concerns such as raised blood pressure.

Anger problems can have a great number of causes and every person will have individual reasons behind the anger. It is generally painful past experiences, the need to be in control, feeling insecure or inadequate and difficult life situations that trigger anger problems. Hypnotherapy, and EFT can treat all of the problems that surround anger management quickly and efficiently.

Utilising hypnotheraputic solutions, and EFT including Positive EFT for Anger Management – the primary triggers and beliefs maintaining the rage can be addressed, and new, calmer responses can be produced by the unconscious, and felt within the body and mind. Hypnosis and advanced patterns of EFT will help to make the individual really feel calmer and much more relaxed, enabling them to live a normal, happier, and more productive life.

Anger Management NottinghamThe techniques used in hypnotherapy specialist applications for instance help to alter the responses to certain circumstances, so as to prevent reactions of anger flaring up. This helps the person genuinely feel more under control, which in turn enables them to feel at ease faster than before.

EFT for Anger Management is wonderful in helping to remove the emotional charge from things leaving you free in the present time, it can be used to reduce day to day situations, and even to change the way you feel about what might happen in the future.

And just as removing fuel from a fire stops it spreading; simply by helping the client take care of the underlying causes of anger can lead to a dramatic advancement in their social and work life.

Michael Millett, an expert hypnotherapist, and psychotherapist, an EFT Master Trainer since 1998, and the founder of Elevated Therapy International in Grantham explained:

“My work helps people deal with their anger, and own abusive behaviour, and develop the skill of remaining calm, and to let go of any unhelpful ways of thinking.”

Elevated Therapy has been established since 1995 in London and relocated to Grantham in 2012.

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