Angel Therapy

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An angel’s face is still because there are no lies inside.
Truth makes it a straight, simple face whose beauty lies not in its form but in the feeling it gives you.

Angel Therapy


Angels are the fingers of God / Spirit. They are messengers from God / Spirit and precision instruments that God / Spirit uses to offer personal care to us and are God`s / Spirit’s way of revealing itself, of channelling itself in a way that can be safely tolerated by us.
Angels carry the essence of innocence and purity. Just like fingers on our hand, they operate in a perfectly coordinated fashion to accomplish the fine details of the grand design.
Angels because of their higher-vibratory rate, most people cannot see them.

Angels are associated with higher nature, beauty, peace, joy, fulfilment, laughter and love.
They are here to help us heal lost faith, broken trust and innocence, and to lay down the burden of fear, uncertainty, guilt, pain and worry.

Angel TherapyThey help to replace feelings of unworthiness, and insecurity with joy and belonging.
Angels assist us in touching a powerful yet gentle force which encourages us to live life to the fullest.
They enable us to live with joy instead of fear. Angels help us to enter the world of love.
The first and highest sphere of angels are the Seraphim (the heavenly hosts and counsellors who constantly sing the praises of the Creator, thus maintaining the vibration of creation.),
Cherubim (angels of wisdom and guardians of the stars and the celestial heavens) and Thrones (who look after and guard the planets).
The second sphere are the Dominions (celestial prefects and governors, overseeing those in the angelic realms who are at a lower level than they are), Virtues (the angels that make miracles happen) and Powers (they are angel guides as in the Angel of Birth and the Angel of Death and help us on our journey).
The third and lowest sphere are the Principalities (angels who function as heavenly messengers and protect cities and nations), Archangels (who are beyond the angels. They are over-lighting angels who lead bands of angels and oversee vast projects for the light) and Angels from the Bands of Angels (from nature angels, to angel messengers to your very own guardian angel).


  • Michael – Binds evil and evil entities. Protects against attack or harm.
  • Jophiel – Helps people be faithful to a belief or cause, to overcome ignorance, pride and narrow-mindedness. Call on for education and learning.
  • Chamuel – Expands the flame of love. Works with love, compassion and forgiveness. Call on him for help in letting go and transmuting old beliefs.
  • Gabriel – For clarity, purity, order and discipline. He brings joy and grace.
  • Raphael – Helps travellers and healers. Brings abundance, health and healing. Stands for vision and truth.
  • Uriel – Serves peace and brings serenity, brother/sisterhood. Helps people to freedom by releasing fears and letting go of desires.
  • Zadiel – Transmutes the lower energies and helps with forgiveness, diplomacy and tolerance.


Angel TherapySome of the more unusual Archangels: Razarael (helps to develop your intuition), Aurariel (assists you on your path to enlightenment) and Yaneal (feminine counterpart of Archangel Michael).

In nearly all religion, ancient or modern, we see beings such as angels. These winged spirits are part of the mystery of most cultures. The Greeks called them horae.
In Persia they were fereshta.
The Chinese designed slanted roofs on buildings to prevent demons from gaining a foothold on the structure and entering. Babylonian culture pictured winged spirits.
Socrates referred to a good demon (daemon) that took care of him.
There are nearly 300 references to angels in the Bible. Angels are mentioned in both the Old and New Testament.

Throughout the Old Testament, angels are presented as personal beings who are messengers and ministers of God. To leave angels out of the narrative of the Old Testament would leave huge holes in many of the events.

Angels are an inextricable part of the New Testament. They announced the birth of Christ. (Luke 2:8-14)
They told the shepherds where to find the infant Jesus. (Luke 2:8-12)
An angel went to the tomb of Christ to announce his resurrection. (Matt. 28:2-6)
They freed Peter and John from jail. (Acts 5:19).

Spiritual Law says that whatever we focus on increases. So when we focus on a quality such as love or peace, an angel helps bring more of this higher quality into our lives.

working with angelsAngel Therapy Lincoln  Michael uses Angel Therapy as a non-denominational spiritual and `energetic` healing method with clients in live session work.
He sees this work personally as a Spiritual Metaphor and a subtle message of communication by containing meaning in a delicate net of expression and artistry.

In mysticism, generally, it is the case for the Higher Self to speak to the ego-personality through the expression of myth and metaphor.
It allows us to take hold of some affirmative message and form of that which still remains as yet hidden and therefore not fully understood.
The positive sessions involve facilitating a client to work with their guardian angel(s) and archangels as appropriate.
The work can heal, harmonise and balance every aspect of life with their blessed messages.
Angel Therapy opens you to a new way of being and also helps you to more clearly receive Divine Guidance from Source.

When we open ourselves to hear our angels’ messages, all aspects of our lives are enriched.

The sessions are about 2 hours in duration and cost £99.

Angel Therapy

Angel Therapy

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