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Spiritual Regression What is Life Between Lives?

Life Between Lives is a spiritual, metaphysical, deep hypnotherapy session and journey that connects you to your soul`s awareness and knowledge and the spirit world.

Taken into the spiritual state between lives, you can connect with your own individual soul guide and soul mates and “higher self” where you can seek advice from these spiritual helpers and ask why certain people are in your life and questions about your current lifetime.
You have possibilities for learning, healing and searching the strings of your own soul record.
Most of all, you can better understand your direction and purpose in your present life-time.

Experience Your Own Spirituality

This compelling session is an explorational journey and life-changing experience process where you touch your essence not through the guides themselves or through any sort of belief or creed, but through your own unique experience, divine knowledge and plugging into your higher knowledge with spiritual support from higher beings.
As you experience the majesty of your heart, your soul’s true home and the use of love and order in the universe, a switch in consciousness arises, a modification and re-focus.

This delivers a freedom, a hopefulness and a refurbished dedication to satisfy your soul’s agreement and present life objective.

Soul Awareness

The Ultimate Spiritual Journey

A step beyond Past Life Regression. The session duration is usually up to 3 and a half hours and allows you to connect to the spiritual space between lifetimes.

Your Life Between Lives Session – a very personal session allows you to find your own solutions to the age old concerns:”Who am I?”, “What is my purpose” and “Why am I here now?”

Dr. Michael Newton You are asked to bring in a short list of your own individual important questions for the wisdom of Spirit:
Michael`s facilitating and spiritual assistance is available for you during this entire holy quest experience as is higher guidance.

*** This advanced work is highly recommended to anyone who has done past life regression sessions before with Michael or another suitably qualified and skilled facilitator and is interested in their past lives, bardo-state work – “life between lives” or simply a better understanding of this life.
If you have not had experience of doing Past Life Regression before then this is required beforehand in order to insure the best possible outcome for this particular work.

The cost is £175 by cheque with a Bankers card, cash or credit or debit card and a £80 deposit will be required when booking.
This can be done on the phone with your credit or debit card when making the appointment.
All major cards are accepted or UK residents can arrange to send a cheque before the session if that is agreed beforehand.

Dr Michael NewtonThe location is at Dr. Michael G Millett`s practice in the centre of Grantham in Lincolnshire at “Tipperary House” which is only 1 hour and 5 minutes by train from London`s Kings Cross Station and very close to Nottingham, Derby, Newark, Leicester, Lincoln, Stamford and Peterborough.
Appointments can usually be scheduled within a couple of weeks of your request.
For those that wish to stay overnight in the Grantham area – Michael does provide very nice, and welcoming accommodation at “Tipperary House” at a nominal extra cost – also there are many comfortable and reasonably priced guesthouses and hotels as well as places to eat, many within easy walking distance of Michael`s practice.
Please phone up to 9:00pm any evening for availability, further information and to arrange the session and to pay your deposit to secure your Life Between Lives session.

Past Life Therapy




Dr. Michael G Millett teaches `Transcendental truth` – a term he coined himself in his spiritual and metaphysical work with people for some years now. It`s about divine knowledge or universal perennial wisdom – the golden thread that unites all the worlds religions and spiritual teachings as well as philosophies, arts and sciences and the healing arts and sciences also.

`Transcendental truth` encourages tolerance and understanding, to transcend ideology, dogma, selfishness and egoism.
To respect the freedom and dignity of all other beings. `Transcendental truth` harmonises with the intuition and wisdom of every individual “Gnostic” to evolve and develop with a free heart and freedom of choice the principles of personal self-knowledge or Self-Transcendence.


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