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Skype and Telephone Therapy, Counselling, Hypnotherapy and Coaching

Are you interested in getting effective and immediate help for your problems in the comfort of your own home or office anywhere in the world?

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Elevated Therapy International has direct services in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, Canada and the United States with local telephone numbers in these territories. Skype of course is worldwide.

→ For clients outside of the above locations who wish to use the telephone service, you can use any of these regions (whichever is closest to you by pressing the relevant tab below).

Skype Therapy and Coaching UK Irish Skype Therapy and Coaching Canadian Skype Therapy and Counseling New Zealand Skype Therapy, Coaching and Counselling

Many of you outside of these regions will be using the UK phone service which you can find the details of here.

International Skype Life CoachingIf you wish to use the Skype service from anywhere in the world, then please fill out the contact form below and Michael will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange your appointment(s) with him.

→ The sessions are £50 for one hour or £30 for half an hour. Use the Currency Converter HERE to see what £30 or £50 is in your own currency.

Alternatively you can phone him in the UK on +44 1476 568800 International Skype Therapy Counselling Coaching

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Please note: Clients are always encouraged to have hypnotherapy face to face. Dr. Michael Millett uses a meditative approach over the phone or via Skype. Using Guided Meditation which is a short relaxing process before guiding them through a scene in their mind to help improve their life and issues in positive ways. Working with emotions directly, he takes a more of a Mindfulness approach, as well as other mindfulness and contemplative techniques and works with the emotion or anxiety as it presents itself, without necessarily seeking a cause or expecting an immediate solution. An approach he finds helpful is called `Touch and Let Go`.

International Skype Therapy, Hypnosis Session Initial Contact Form

Following your request form by email, Michael will send a return email to you within 48 hours stating:

1) Available times for him to speak with you based on his current Diary schedule and your location and time zone if you are outside of the UK or Éire.

2) The dedicated Telephone Number(s) for you to call / or his Skype contact name.

3) Depending on your preference, instructions to you of how to make your payment for the session by PayPal using your credit or debit card from anywhere in the world in advance of the session (Michael will send you an email request via PayPal) or Michael can accept payment himself over the phone / Skype just before the telephone / Skype session starts through the following credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Switch, Maestro, Electron, Solo and JCB.
You may wish to say in your contact email form how you wish to pay either by credit / debit card over the phone / Skype just before the session or by PayPal in advance of the session.

Dr. Michael Millett`s comments regarding using this telephone service:

We will be communicating with each other 1 to 1 in real time for an hour or half an hour at a time.

It is live and direct yet not face to face, therefore avoiding the anxiety of direct confrontation. For some people this may facilitate a more frank disclosure – this was the logic behind confessionals, and it is equally useful in psychotherapy, Life Coaching and Healing.

The ability to conduct therapy in one’s own home or workplace makes it one of the most accessible therapies available today.
People who are too busy, too far away or too ill to make the journey to me will be best placed to utilise this secure online facility.

It is always crucial, in any form of psychotherapy or healing, that the client feel at ease.
There can be no more relaxing option than to take part in a session from the comfort of such a familiar environment as one’s own home or place of work.
Because it is not a face to face contact between therapist and client, the client is not physically intimidated by the presence of another. This
has a positive impact on the course of the therapy for some people

** It is your responsibility to reveal medical conditions to Michael before entering into therapy.
If you are suffering from any medical illness or condition you should seek medical advice, this service is NOT a substitute for medical treatment or advice. He is NOT a medical doctor.

** It is also your responsibility to phone or Skype Michael at the designated appointment time.

LEGAL / CONFIDENTIALITY / PRIVACY POLICIES: In clients agreeing to use this Skype and Telephone psychoeducational service from Dr. Michael G Millett and
Elevated Therapy International ®, they are agreeing that this service and therapy and coaching is construed and governed in all respects in accordance with English Law and any dispute or differences in relation to this agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

All client material is treated in complete confidence and is removed from Michael`s computer at the end of your work together. Written records are kept in a locked filing cabinet. Confidentiality might occasionally need to be broken if Michael has reason to suspect serious threat of harm to you or to another person especially a child, or information related to terrorism. If this should prove necessary he would discuss it with you in advance.

Michael holds a Professional Fellowship with the Counselling and Psychotherapy Society (UK). He is an advanced Hypnotherapist and Supervisor, a Reiki & Seichim Master, an Energy Therapist and Trainer, a NLP Practitioner and a Life Purpose Coach.

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